Viva Hakodate City 2 !

by Kazu

Should I post a comment with these photos ?
This is the scenery you can savor enough from the top of Mt. Hakodate. You can use the bus to reach the summit
So many tourists and citizens were having happy time seeing the scenery from this lookout and in the lights of the city.
Binge drinking in the city may bring you happy hours but jogging around in this port city is strongly recommended. Savor enough the culinary delights sipping amazing Hokkaido sake but if you could save the amount, wonderful morning strolling would fascinate you extremely, I think.

Hakodate City in the night !

 by Kazu

Let's call it a day. The silhouette of Shimokita Peninsula of Aomori Prefecture was disappearing in the darkness. The light of lives emerged near the sea level.
The night scenery of Hakodate City is said to be one of the three most beautiful ones. The first map maker of Japan Mr. Tadataka INOU started off his geographical research here.
The island of Mt. Hakodate had bee connected with the main island of Hokkaido thousands of years ago. Every time I visit Hakodate City, it show us the very best of the scenery in the night.


Yachigashira Area in Hakodate City !

 by Kazu

I jogged to the foot of Mt. Hakodate, the residential area of the City. My father had lived there thirty years ago and I visited him several times during his mandate in the city.
This is the intersection and the tram station in Yachigashira Area. It was so-called magic hour of sunset. Yachigashira Area was in the shade made by Mt. Hakodate.
The clouds turned violet reflecting the red color of sunset on the west. The strait Tsugaru was still calm on that day.  The silhouette of Aomori Peninsula could be seen.


The artillery were on top of the island !

by Kazu

Mt. Hakodate could be seen on my way from Matsumae Town to Hakodate City. The residential area Yachigashira is at the foot of the mountain.
My father who passed away ten years ago had lived there.
I have visit there again and again even after my father had gone. So nice refurbished hot spring bath "Yachigashira Onsen" is there.
The color of the hot spring water is brown rather than red and comparatively hotte than other hot spring bath in Hakodate. It is well-founded osen but no hotel with the spa.


Blown by winds from the ocean !

by Kazu

I was closing to the southern end of Hokkaido. The pastoral  way led to the coastline again. It was so beautiful day. It was a pity that I can not show you the scenery under the water I saw.
Do you think that it is possible to go around the coastline of Hokkaido snorkeling ? It is my plan for after my retirement. A variety of aquatic organism would be seen if I could carry out my plan.
I was getting hungry and missing my wife on my way to Hakodate City. I had to arrive in Hakodate City before sunset on that day and take her to Yachigashira Hot spring spa.

Getting closer to Hakodate City 2 !

by Kazu

The shadow of the mountains and buildings were getting longer and the contrast of the sunny-side and the shade made up a beautiful scenery on the coast.
I was so fascinated by the town and almost started to jog around. But my wife was waiting for me in Hakodate City after the Japanese traditional tea party.
It seemed that time went by so slowly in the town. I could see no kids along the road. The rural area seemed to be swept by aging population too.


Getting closer to Hakodate City !

by Kazu

Comparatively, the west coast of Japan has so many artistic and attractive rocks and coastline carved by the winds and waves from the northwest.
 I mean the seasonal winds from China and Russia and the waves in the Sea of Japan. Even in the ocean, we can enjoy the magnificent landscape and the aquatic organisms.
The coastline was beaten harshly by Ohtsunami before and the tsunami reached to the height of thirty meters. So many seaweeds were left at the height.