Yakiniku Tamura in Bihoro Town !

by Kazu

Have you ever heard of Yakiniku Restaurant Tamura headquartered in Bohoro Town near my hometown Kitami City ?
 This is the entrance of the restaurant. A stone garden was in the building of the restaurant.
The quality of the beef was superb as well other kinds of  meat. Yakiniku Tamura has branch restaurants in BISSE building in downtown and northern part of Sapporo City.


Abashiri facing Okhotsk Ocean !

 by Kazu

We dropped by a cove along the seaside road facing Okhotsk Ocean. The ocean was so calm and ebb tide exposed the seabed near the beach.
 The coastline led to Shiretoko Peninsula and it made a beautiful curve line disappearing into the blue of the ocean and sky. 
A paddy field that had  several trees in the midst of it caught our eyes and soul. What a wonderful and blessed land in the north !


Dear my friend in Heilongjiang !

 by Kazu

Hokkaido wild lilies were blooming on the cliff of Cape Notori. The orange color was so vivid with the dark green stone pine and bamboo grasses.
 The mild skyline of a comparatively low mountain could be seen from the cape far away.
If I could meet my friend in Heiongliang again, I would be so happy. We enjoyed driving in Hokkaido a few times during his mandate in Hokkaido. 


Take a walk on the cape !

by Kazu

The northeast part of Pacific Ocean is one of the richest fishery spots on this globe. The fertility is brought by the rivers that contains rich minerals and nutrition for creatures.
Particularly, the krill in the ocean raised up with the nutrition from the river can be the enough food for the bigger creatures.
The color of the cold current is not dark blue because it is filled up with such krill and air. They are the god bless even for us human beings.


The Statue on Cape Notori !

by Kazu

It seemed that a variety of creatures were living in the shallows around the cape. Sometimes sea-lions have a rest on the rocks under the cliff.
 This memorial tower was built to commemorate the efforts of the predecessors who contributed to the development of the fishery near the coast facing Okhotsk Ocean.
 The fishery near the coast near Cape Notori was damaged by the change of the rule on the use of the ocean.


Okhotsk Ocean !

by Kazu

Because of the harsh and cold wind from the ocean, only bamboo grasses can be growing on the cape like other coastline of Hokkaido.
 But the cape was well-trimmed and no bamboo grasses could be seen beside the trail.
The cliff of the cape seemed to refuse the people to land the cape. It is so dangerous to get too close to the cape.


From Cape Notori to Okhotsk Ocean !

by Kazu

Have you ever heard about Shiretoko Peninsula of Hokkaido listed on the World Natural Heritage of UNESCO ?
The mountains of that area can be seen from Cape Notori.
The coastline from the cape to Shiretoko Peninsula facing Okhotsk Ocean can be seen too.
The lighthouse on the cape seemed to work enough to prevent ship-wreck off-shore of the cape surrounded by the shallows.