The entrance of the trail to the peak !

by Kazu

I got to know that the forest on the hillside of Mt. Maruyama had been designated as the national natural heritage.  I was so impressed by the artistic shapes of the trees.
 The trunks of withered trees seemed to have given a special twist to the scenery of the forest. The light gray color and the holes on the surface of the trunks was so flamboyant in the forest.
 A clean water flow and its sound may give the second wing even after the trekking on the mountain. It is so cold and transparent. Would you tried to be refreshed by the water flow ?


Wild forest !

 by Kazu

I thought that the forest was well-trimmed by the municipality of Sapporo but basically, the forest on the hillside of Mt. Maruyama is wild forest.
That ma be why such artistic shape was made up.
The concept of the shape seemed to be "Freedom". They seemed to have been expanding their branches to get enouhg sunshine on the leaves, competing each other.
 They seemed to be  performing freely under the blue sky. They were filled with vim and vigor. Needless to say, the trees will wear green leaves like flame in a month. Yes, it is the real art of the nature.


Sapporo City 2 !

by Kazu

This is the scenery from the top of Mt. Maruyama located on the west side of Sapporo City.
Mt. Moiwa that is approximately 500 meters high could be seen clearly in the south of the mountain on that day.
We are living in this city struggling with the choirs on the way of our future, particularly the people who can not and don't want to see the future of the world.
Some are chronic liars and some are the weird creatures who don't care of others but pretend to take care of others. It's a pity that such kind of awkward human beings are ruling our organization.

In the woods !

by Kazu

Some aged trees were cut because they were so damaged by insects, winds, rain and snow that they might fall down on the trail. The shape of them were like the works of art under the sky.
 This is inside of the trunk of the tree cut years ago. I do not think that this trunk was damaged by termites but it seemed to be so damaged.
 Some green leaves were expanding its body to receive enough sunshine but the view was clear through the branches. In each season, the best countenances of the mountain can be savored as time goes by.


Sapporo City !

by Kazu

This is where we are living now !
The white clouds like in drawings were floating in the sky on that day. The bright side and the shade made up so nice contrast.  
Sometimes brown bears stroll around this area and appear even in the outskirts of the city.
They also the larva of insects including longicorn in the woods. The hole made by longicorns are shown below.

The Scenery from the Peak of Mt. Maruyama !

by Kazu

It was so fine on that day and the clouds were shining over the city and moving so fast to the east as if they were whipped by the deities.
 The horizon could be seen clearly and I could feel the width of the plain even if it was smaller than the largest plain of the main land, Kantou Heiya.
Almost everybody was having lunch and rest on top of the mountain. You can use the sticks left at the entrance of the trail that leads to the peak.


Sapporo Maruyama 2 !

by Kazu

 Some trees seemed to be holding each other and tied up with vines. They were designed by the deities of the mountain. I do not think that brown bears were strolling around this area but some of them appeared in the outskirts of the city.
It was like an art work but actually this object is made of some lives competing or collaborating each other. Needless to say, a variety of insects and other kinds of creatures were given comfy spaces in the trees.
The southern part of Sapporo City could be seen clearly on that day like this. White clouds far away seemed like the ways of deities in the sky.