Lamp no Yado Mori Tsubetsu in the Morning !

by Kazu

This is the first guest to the backyard of the hotel "Lamp no Yado Mori Tsubetsu" on that day. It might be allured to the feeding table but before its breakfast, it walked on the stage in front of the window of the entrance hall as if a model fascinate on the cat walk in fashion events.
 Disentanglement puzzles were displayed in the entrance hall of the hotel. Of course, you can buy it but they are mainly for spending your time in the hotel, particularly in winter.
Actually, the metal puzzle allured many guests on that day. cThe backyard of the hotel was well-trimmed even at the beginning of spring . The hotel has also a relaxing space after bathing as shown below.


Hot Spring Bath of "Lamp no Yado "!

by Kazu

Thirty minute jogging may be the best for waking up your body and soul in the morning. You will get ready even for a uphill battle in the office.
 But I do not recommend too long bathing in the morning when you have to drive a car.
You will get sleepy after long bathing albeit soaking your body in the bath in the morning may be the symbol of the happiness in the travel for pleasure.


Inside Hot Spring Spa of "Lamp no Yado Mori Tsubetsu" !

 by Kazu

The inside spa of the hot spring was filled up with the healing mist and a bit smell of sulfur. I felt the bones and muscles of my body getting power and the second wing again.
 Nobody was in the bathing area of the hotel early in the morning. I thought something should be done during nonexistence of human being other than me but I could not come up with an idea to be conducted actually.
Coming back to the entrance hall, I recognized the lamp with wooden shade. Warmed up with the lamp, the wooden shade was emitting so  nice aroma of larch or spruce. While enjoying the aroma, next guest Japanese wagtail came to the statge.


Jogging around the hotel and Onsen bathing !

by Kazu

I went out of the forest and headed to the road to the downtown of Tsubetsu Town.
Soon I reached the intersection and found the sign to Lake Kussharo.
The road to Lake Kussharo and the pass on the way is closed in winter but the road is very useful to access to the area for so-called bulk tour around Lake Kussharo.  After jogging around in the chilly breeze, I jumped into the hot spring bath.


The Backyard of "Lamp no Yado Mori Tsubetsu" !

by Kazu

I think the dome on the photo above is the hot spring bathroom of the hotel. Because of the existence of the backyard, the scenery of the creek can be seen from the outside bath of the hot spring spa.
 Why ? The naked people enjoying bathing outside the building should hide from the trekkers.
 I could not find the traces of flood but the width of the creek seemed to have changed sometimes. The water flow was so close to the hotel but the forest in the valley seemed to adjust the amount of water flowing into the creek.

From the creek !

by Kazu

At the beginning of spring, we Japanese boiled the buds of these flowers of Fuki, Giant Butterbur. We have to boil them and sprinkle potassium carbonate with water to take off the poisonous element. 
Fuki, Giant Butterbur mushrooms here and there where clean water flow is near. I  hope the mead is still fine even after the Lionrock Typhoon hit the eastern part of Hokkaido.
This is the outlook of the hotel from the backyard across the creek. It may be a good place for kids to enjoy a small exploring.


In the forest of Tsubetu !

by Kazu

I stepped in the forest on the backside of the hotel "Lamp no Yado Mori-Tsubetsu" we stayed. The aroma of the breath of spruce trees filled up the forest.
 It seemed that the area was used as the park golf field in the forest. I could find no warning sign of "Bear Attack" but no doubt about the existence of bears around the area.
Even at the beginning of season of tourism, white snow was still there in the valley of Tsubetsu Town. It may be the good place to visit to experience the scenery of monochrome  even in spring.