Nukabira Kanko Hotel 2 !

by Kazu
Can you see the photo of the ruin of the bridge on the lake ? The bridge was for the train that carried the trunks of spruce from this area to Asahikawa.
Above is the photo of the building of Nukabira Kanko Hotel I stayed on that day.
They seemed to be comparatively newer than the main building.
On the wall of the isle to the new building, so many beautiful photos of the scenery around the lake were displayed . They were like drawings and too beautiful to forget.


Lake Shikaribetsu to Lake Nukabira !

by Kazu

It was getting cloudy. I left Lake Shikaribetsu for Lake Nukabira that was located on the north of Lake Shilkaribetsu.
 The road from Lake Shikaribetsu to  Lake Nukabira is so narrow that the tourists should drive their cars so carefully. No guard rail was built on the lakeside of the road.
This road can not be used in winter. Please enjoy the tour from Lake Shikaribetsu to Lake Nukabira in spring, summer and autumn.


Lake Shikaribetsu 4 !

 by Kazu

Different from driving with my wife,I could spend my time as I liked. I could take my time enough but I felt something different.
 Not so many tourists could be seen near the lake on that day. You can see the fish called "Oshorokoma", a kind of salmon and trout in the lake.
Lake Shikaribetsu was made by the lava dome that prevented the water flow of Yambetsu River so many years ago.


Lake Shikaribetsu 3 !

 by Kazu

This is Hotel Fuusui from the lake-side deck. I've never stayed in this hotel before. But I stayed in Hotel Fukuhara with my wife three times before our marriage and after. Minerva Art Museum was so nice to kill time in winter.
 This is a hot spring foot bath on the deck on the lake-side in front of the hotel.Watching the scenery of the lake and Mt. Rips, you will be able to spent solid hours there.
I felt kind of loneliness without my wife on that day but it was a good chance to review my life and plan the future for us. Iheard that such adult lonely tour is "in" for males in Japan.


Lake Shikaribetsu 2 !

by Kazu

Can you see the mountain shaped like the upper rip ? With its reflection on the lake, the silhouette of the mountain is like a rip so the Mountain is called Kuchibiru Yama which means Mt. Rips  in Japanese.
 The correct name of the mountain is Mt. Tenbou and the peak is 1,173 meters high. Another mountain named Mt. Hakuun is also near the lake and 1,187 meters high.
Two boats for cruise on the lake  were waiting for the guests but no guests could not be expected on that day.


Lake Shikaribetsu !

by Kazu

Please enjoy driving with me.
The small lake near Lake Shikaribetsu seemed to be hidden in the forest. Two small lakes are near Lake Shikaribetsu.
One is Lake Shinonome and the other is Lake Komadome. Lake Shikaribetsu is at the altitude of 810 meters high. It is the highest point of the locations of the lakes in Hokkaido.
Two hotels are near the lake. Hotel Fukuhara and Hotel Fuusui accommodate tourists from other parts on this globe. Hotel Fukuhara has a Art Museum named Minerva.


Tokachi Plain !

 by Kazu

It has been five years or so since I had enjoyed a drive without my wife. In a sense, the drive to Tokachi and one-night stay without my wife was an adventure for me.
The scenery from the lookout on the way to Lake Shikaribetsu was rewarding and so beautiful. I felt the power of the land to produce high-quality vegetables.
 But the power of the land was brought by the efforts exerted for decades by the ancestors who develop the fields. It seemed that the lake behind the mountain might be covered with cloud but the sunshine was still so bright.