Cape Azechi 2 !

 by Kazu

Because of the strong wind and coldness outside, my wife was waiting for me in the car and my aunt went back to the car after taking some picture.
I was waiting for the bright sunshine to take better photos. Can you recognize the reflection of the sunshine on the ocean getting closer.
At last, the sunshine got the surface of the cape so brighter than under the cloud !


Cape Azechi in Kiritappu area of Hamanaka Town !

by Kazu

Unfortunately the small islands were in the shade of the clouds and the color was not clear. I hoped that the strong winds wipe off the clouds and make the scenery brighter.
 The clouds moved fast but the blue sky was shrinking over the cape. It started to rain and the fine view was getting unclear.
The dark clouds seemed to bring hard rain fall on the west. It seemed that we were caught up with by the rainfall.


Biwase to Azechi !

by Kazu

This sign shows how the rocks called "Mado-Iwa " has been changed its shape by the earthquake and suggests to prepare for such emergency.
 We left Biwase area and headed to Kiritappu area that has Cape Azechi and Cape Kiritappu where so many movie films had bee
The central area of Hamanaka Town could be seen in the direction of North and the setting sun and clouds made a spot light on the ocean.


The scenery from the lookout "Biwase" !

by Kazu

This is the scenery form the lookout on the roadside of Biwase area in Hamanaka Town adjacent to Akkeshi where you can savor quality oysters all the year round,
The Pacific Ocean was so calm on that day and sunshine reflected on the surface of the ocean so nicely. What do you think about the scenery, Miku, Yuri and Ayaka ?
We  always welcome you all in Hokkaido but the weather depends on the date you chose to visit. This is the scenery in the afternoon.


What is Biwase ? 2

by Kazu

This is the lookout of "Biwase Area" and it has enough parking space and restroom. White and gray clouds were moving swiftly in the sky on that day.
 In order to see the ocean and the marsh, the lookout was build in this area of Hamanaka Town.  We came from the west and would go to the east.
 I could not find any red-crowned
white crane on the marsh on that day but this area is one of the biggest base camps for migratory birds in Hokkaido.


What is Biwase ?

by Kazu

I have to say that we were so lucky to see the scenery under the blue sky in this area because the coastline facing the meeting point of the warm and cold current is covered with fog most of the time.
 The rendezvous of the warm and cold current makes so fertile fishing point offshore of the island because so many plankton are generated and that nurture krill and other creatures that will be eaten by bigger fish and animals.
This lookout is on the hill named Biwase surrounded by Pacific Ocean and the marsh where so many migratory birds have a rest. Please be looking forward to the whisky to be distilled in this area !


Remember Akkeshi Town in Hokkaido !

 by Kazu

On our way back to the parking area for the tourist to visit the lookout on Cape Aikappu, I found a place played up with sunshine like a spot light.
I think some of you can remember this scenery of Akkeshi Town I posted two years ago. It was so fine on that day as I had seen two years ago but this time, thephoto was taken in the afternoon.
With sunshine from the west, the shade might play up the bright town, compared to the photo taken two years ago. What do you think about it ?